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care, maintenance & tips

* Shampoo with sulfate free shampoos

* shampoo is for your scalp/conditioner is for your ends

*do not apply conditioner to your scalp because the bead/tips will slip

*if you get your hair wet (ex. pool or ocean) use the extension spray and brush tangles out

*when detangling, start at the bottom and work  your way up, all while placing your free hand at your bond to make sure least amount of tension is applied. brush as often as needed. 

*use an extension brush (check out our tools page to get one)

*if you want to alter the color in any way we highly recommend getting your extensions professionally colored.  

*when using heat (flat iron. curling iron, blow dryer etc.  we highly suggest using a heat protectant prior to applying heat to your hair.

*sleep with a silk or satin pillow case


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