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Extension Install Technique

For this you can choose your course from one service to all services to include I-tip, K-tip, Tape Ins & Weft.

We also offer to teach classes at your salon.  For more information, please send an email to to set up a consultation to find our which package best suits you and your salon.

Choose 1 install technique $399

Choose 2 install techniques $699

Learn all install techniques $899


Include all the tools you need for the install of your choice and a mannequin practice head.

1 technique $275

2 techniques $400

All techniques $1000



Class duration is 2 - 8 hours

If you which to purchase with out a kit you will need to bring a mannequin, flat nose extension pliers, extension beads, melting connector, extension thread, hair sewing needle, practice hair extensions (i-tip, k-tip, tape ins and weft), Clips, Shears, Metal clips, Rat Tail Combs, Extension Brush, Beading tool, Replacement tape

All kits include:

a mannequin

flat nose extension pliers

extension beads

melting connector

extension thread

hair sewing needle

practice hair extensions (i-tip, k-tip, tape ins and weft)

Clips (metal and claw)


Rat Tail Combs

Extension Brush

Beading tool

Replacement tape

Kits can be purchased for $3 99

In these courses you will learn how to install, remove, tune up and cut (depending on which course you choose all or one) I-tip, K-tip, Weft and tape-in extensions.  

  • Hair Extension Placement Guide -Learn where and how to place extensions on your client's hair for an extremely seamless and natural look

  • Blending & Styling Extensions -Learn how to blend and style the extensions to flow naturally with your client's hair

  • Hair Extension Color - Learn tips and tricks about how to color hair extensions to match your client's hair color

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